Retirement Ready or Not? 


When people hear the word “Retirement” it can invoke pleasant thoughts for some—but for many it can be a word that may cause apprehension. With unanswered questions like:

  • Do I have enough money to retire?

  • Should I work a few more years?

  • Will I be able to retire at the same lifestyle I enjoyed during my working years?

  • How long will my money last?

By far the biggest concern is “Running out of money”.

During your “working years”, the focus on money was mainly on “accumulation”. To accumulate more, you may have spent time trying to find the “best investments”—those paying the highest rate of returns or providing the greatest possibilities of appreciation.

Unfortunately, many of the “financial rules” you learned during your working years simply don’t apply during retirement.  The focus moves from accumulation to distribution.  You have to become just as savvy in the “spending” of your assets as you were in the “accumulation” of your assets.