Your Circle of Wealth


Accumulated money represents the dollars you already have saved and those you are currently saving. To increase accumulated money the focus is usually on finding better investments that pay a higher return—often requiring you to assume more risk in the process.

Lifestyle money is what you spend to maintain your standard of living.  In order to increase your wealth through lifestyle money, it is natural to assume that you will have to cut back and give up some of the luxuries you currently enjoy—and nobody wants that. The thought of having to give up today in order to have tomorrow can keep you from taking action but there is another alternative… This brings us to the third type of money we call Transferred money.

Transferred money consists of money you may be transferring from your Circle of Wealth unknowingly and unnecessarily through taxes, interest, and non-deductible debt.

By far the most common strategy used to increase your circle of wealth is to go on a financial diet and find investments with higher returns. Our focus is to help you avoid the wealth transfers without you having to change your present lifestyle.