As it relates to income, there is little that can be done to change the impact of income taxes. However, choices can be made when cash flow is directed into savings and/or investments. Some accounts bypass taxes today and postpone the tax until later, such as retirement years. Other accounts tax yearly and still other accounts avoid the taxes completely. Do you believe taxes are going up, staying the same or going down in the future? The answer to this question may help you determine which method is best for you. Our job is to help you maintain an efficient tax strategy, not only in the accumulation phase of your life, but also in the distribution phase of your life as well.

Income Tax Preparation

Taxation is a major area where wealth can be transferred away from you. Preparing personal income taxes is a service to our clients that requires thorough attention for minimizing unnecessary wealth transfers. We do our best to offer timely service for the lowest fee.

E-Filing Federal and State tax returns electronically reduces overall time and cost associated with preparing your return.

We do not prepare your return while you wait. Some returns require research and some require additional information. If you’ve been through the processing line of many franchise tax prep companies, you may appreciate our thorough approach.

We will review your tax returns from previous years. We look for deductions that may have been missed and possible errors with previously filed returns.